FPS drop when playing soundcripts

I seem to be getting a noticeable loss in framerate when playing a sound from a soundscript. Especially if it plays it rapidly. For example, shooting a MP5 with the normal weapon sound of Weapon_MP5Navy.Single will cause my fps to drop from 80-100 down to 30-50 on every shot, hence making rapid fire rather annoying. However, with the same exact weapon and effects, replacing the soundscript by a direct sound, with the .wav and all, doesn’t seem to be doing that.

Is this a common problem? Or does anyone else experience this?

Still haven’t figured out what’s causing this…

Theres something like that that currently causes unplayable lag in the M9K weapons. Its something caused by the particles and richochet… Dunno if this helps, but I thought I let you know.


No I removed all that, it’s not the particles or the ricochets, it’s the soundscripts.

When I put a sound like Weapon_MP5Navy.Single it causes a slight FPS drop when the sound starts playing, but when I do a regular emit with the file path with the .wav or .mp3 at the end, it plays just fine.