FPS Drop when playing soundscripts

I had made a thread similar to this several months ago but it never really got anywhere. The issue remains and so far it doesn’t seem like anyone has figured out what’s up with this.

Okay so as you probably know, when playing a sound, for example for a weapon firing, if you just do an emit sound, it’ll sometimes skip and won’t play the sound at all, because of the way it overlaps. To fix that, most people use sounscripts, where a weapon’s sound effect will stop and play again each time it is called.

However, the problem is that calling a soundscript is more demanding than doing a simple emit sound with a .wav or something.

For comparing, I did a test with a simple weapon, a TMP with 1200 rpm.

Standing still, doing nothing: 100-110 fps
Firing non-stop with a .wav: 90 fps
Firing non-stop with a soundscript: 40-50 fps

Obviously this is fairly annoying since it makes soundscripts a pain in the ass especially when it comes to fast automatic weapons.

Does anyone know a way around that? Or maybe a fix? Hell, even just notice that in the first place?

This has been reported on the gmod github.

So nothing to do except wait for Garry to stop working on Rust and make another Gmod patch and hope that this is included in it?