fps drop

can anyone help me i keep getting really big fps drops
when i walk to my base my fps goes from 70 to 14fps then crashes
when rust experimental 1st come out i could make really big bases 4 times the size of the ones that i make now and my fps was good no lag and stable
i thought it was just amd cards having this problem 9 of us on a server 2 has nividea cards and we all keep crashing seems to be a really big problem for alot of people
i love the new update and all the things they are doing but crashing all the time really sucks

amd r9 270xdevil

8gig corsair vengeance ram
amd 6 core 3.9ghz

i have no problems with any of my other games no crashes no freezing just this game i can run bf4 on all high with some ultra settings with a stable 47 to 60 fps
if there is a fix please can someone tell me

thx guys

Everyone is man…all over on every server.
Two choices. Wait until the next patch (if they dont hotfix) or play through the pain