fps drops to 3 fps

hi guys just need some help when the patch 1st come out i was getting some random drops to 3 fps and had to reboot every time this would happen and i had yellow writing on the screen error something audio and a new patch was released to get rid of the yellow but i still get the same thing i updated my audio driver my pc all up to date here is a screen shot

could this error make my fps drop and stay at 3 fps

What is your pc’s specs?

Pc specs please.

Probably trying to run Rocket League at the same time while he crafts the 2 hours worth of gun powder.

What are your specs? and no, I very much doubt that error would cause an fps drop at all. The modded server your playing on may have something to do with it. Does the problem persist in vanilla servers?

I have given up on modded servers for good, even the best and most popular modded servers out there are run by people that don’t understand the full effects of mods on the servers performance, and the end result is a server that needs to be wiped 3 days after a wipe because the server is struggling because of all the mods hogging up precious server cpu and the ridiculous amount of buildings around the map filling up the memory. So you’re playing on a server that after 2 days has major server lag that just gets worse and worse until they wipe it after only 7 days. It’s a never ending cycle of fuckery.

I’ve been getting alot of fps drops also in past 2 weeks.
Before I was running the game with fantastic graphics my fps went
down to 10 fps sometimes killing myself helped, but usually needed to re-start the game.
Now I’ve been playing with good settings and still sometimes I get these drops but now
they only go down to 30.
Should’nt be a problem at my pc, every other game works fine
I got less than 6 months old pc
Intel Core i5 4690 3,5 GHz Quad-Core, Haswell, Turbo Boost
8 Gb 1600 MHz DDR3 (2 x 4 Gt)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4096 Mb

ps: also seems like some of the new loot areas causes fps drops also
Military tunnels downstairs usually do that, but been getting those drops all around the map.

Players on my server are also experiencing this fps drop for 2 patches now. It’s not as often since the last patch but it still happens. I’ve also experienced this yesterday and a few times before. My fps goes from 110 to under 20. Usually flying/teleporting away will fix my fps, but not always.

Just wanna say what he said, yes, its possible causes of a lag and leak of memory when people building houses non-stop. You should try vanilla server and see if its happends there. I also highly recommand that you should move entirely to a vanilla server. But, its in your hands.

Mods fucking the server preformances, it doesn’t matter how much your computer is powerful, it will fuck you’re GPU and ur memory in 2-3 days.

[P.S: It’s not about you’re specs, its should be fine in my opnion.]