FPS drops

Hey, so I got Rust yesterday. I tried playing a little, but when I do an action, walk, craft or pretty much anything else I get FPS drops.
I find this wierd, because I have a pretty hardcore gaming PC.

GPU: Gainward Nvidia GTX780Ti 3GB
CPU: IntelCore i7-4820K 3.7GHz
Rust is installed on SSD
Plenty of memory
16GB ram

I also installed graphics drivers yesterday, but they might have been reset or something. I’m gonna try re-downloading them.
Any suggestions on what to do? Is it because the game is in BETA state?

Well dont know if because its a non finished game.
But my PC is a bit weaker then yours, but it runs soooo smoothly. (maybe post a reaction if the drivers has been installed?)

One thing with rust; my pc is getting really hot, but when i run games like Rome Total war 2 i cant even hear or feel it its working hard.

I have a 770 and it’s pretty solid

but that’s sadly going to be a part of the game, nothing you can do, however, there are commands

biggest thing is probably turning off the grass

Turn vsync on. It’s on rust options.

Desilex : Check if you are using realtek sound drivers mic/sound. If yes disable and use your nvdia one. Or just disable/uninstall the realtek driver and check.

Its known for causing the EXACT same issue as you are facing right now. Everytime a sound is played from your end you get huge fps drop. It’s a very known bug and i HOPE that the devs are aware of this since there’s a LOT of players that use realtek drivers.

vsync is a huge thing, especially with older games on better cards

running doom at 1000+ fps is probably not actually very good.

Sorry i’m not a PC geek so i know only basic stuff, what is vsync?

No offence to PC geeks!

On rust options there should be a VSync option. Turn it on.

And what does it do?

Limits your FPS to your screen frequency.


Well I have a general issue that as soon as a second client (a game, program or youtube) needs some GPU power every single fucking thing drops to 30fps and stay’s solid (no fps spikes). I think its my PSU but I doubt that. I use the AMD R9 280x Sapphire Toxic. I always have issues with it. Then again when that doesnt happen. It runs smooths as Oiled Baby Bum

Will do! Thanks!

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Nope, I have no Realtek drivers. I haven’t installed that much software because I got my PC at the beginning of January