FPS Help!!!

If anyone knows any good solutions to low fps i would be very happy to know!
I got some pretty bad FPS on the web player so i thought well when the steam version comes out it should help. don’t get me wrong it helped a great amount but still a little laggy considering all the rocks.
If you have any suggestions i would love to hear them! Thanks :slight_smile:

Right click Rust in Steam->Properties->Set Launch Options->Copy one:


You’re going to get a bunch of graphics glitches but FPS will be dramatically improved. Worked for me.

Thanks a lot!

I put them in and none of them change anything for me? :o

I’ve done that, the FPS improves a lot! But the sky is VERY glitched.

You can expect a lot of glitches when you start messing with commands :slight_smile:

You guys will probably lough, but how do you actually check your FPS and your Ping?

I was looking for the best server to play on … but I need these informations


I was toying around with the commands and found that using this : -force-feature-level-10-0.
Increasing my FPS and made the Facing North drop less as well.

Use msi afterburner for fps its better than fraps, less demanding and also great for monitoring your GC