FPS Improvement from Grass Settings

The two most common commands being used currently to improve Rust FPS due to it’s not fully optimization right now are grass.on true/false and grass.displacement true/false.
I did some benchmarking to test how effective enabling or disabling these features and what exactly they do.

Visuals of Command Differences
grass.on true
grass.on false

grass.displacement true (w/ grass.on false)
grass.displacement false (w/ grass.on false)

grass.displacement true (w/ grass.on true)
grass.displacement false (w/ grass.on true)

**What is Grass Displacement? **
In the images you barely see a difference, it’s more clear when you’re walking in a large plain from a distance.
This will basically “mix” the grass textures together making them look more nature and not have a “tiled” or repeated look.

Both are the same, but the first one is more cluttered w/ more information.


In conclusion, grass is the main improvement between the two.
I only found displacement increasing performance slightly, this may be more beneficial if your computer specs are lacking.
The overall performance increase of disabling the grass and displacement was 40%.
Disabling grass was really clear helping performance when new chunks of the map were loaded.
Results will vary for your computer OS and hardware.

NOTE: I am running Windows 8.1

nice… however i seem to have only minor fps difference with grass on and off. (havent tested with displacement)

with AMD FX 8320@4.4ghz, GTX 660TI i get 50-70 fps all maxed 1080p when grass on, and 55-70 fps with grass off
thats linux though. might be different with windows client/drivers

thats been monitored by mumble overlay (dont know how accurate that is though)

Yea, I figured a lot will vary… but it’s a start for a basis to see overall which settings help the most.
If you noticed everytime I loaded a new chunk of the map I had a large FPS drop, hopefully this is fixed soon. It’s not as noticeable w/ grass settings disabled.