This interactive comic can be humorous or serious. Post your action you would like for the story to play out. I will choose which one is the best in my opinion.

You awaken in a street, you slowly adjust your eyes. You have a horrible headache

Your eyes adjust, you look down. You are covered in your own throw up and you realize you were drunk the night before and seemed to have passed out.

A police officer approaches you

What do you do?


I’m sorry man but wait a little bit after the interactive comics calm down, there are too many right now we don’t need another

Ask “What’s going on?”

just stand there and ask him nicely

Ask “What the hell happened? What is that corpse over there?”

You stand up for some balance. You clearly are larger than the cop. You ask him what’s going on

You ignore the officer’s warning. You approach the scene of the crime

You freeze. You’ve killed before but, you have never been caught then you hear a click and you turn. The cop seems nervous and is shaking

What do you do?

grab the gun
hit him with it
pull it out of his hand
punch him to death
then shoot the other CP

Kick him in the balls and take his gun, kill them both and take their clothes.

Search them both.

turn around and run. do some epic parkour moves to escape them.

edit: this is my 200th post so you have to do it. :haw:

You are clearly a LEVEL 3 PUGILIST. Engage in FISTICUFFS!

disarm him,grab him as hostage and kill another office
then runaway

You realize you’re screwed either way. You try to disarm the cop

You are successful!

You start to raise your right arm back and form a fist

You lunge forward use pure adrenaline, you sucker punch the cop in the jaw

You pause to catch your breath, the cop is out cold

You turn quickly, you kneel down and grab the officer’s sidearm

You hear another click, you turn quickly and see the other officer pulling out his pistol, you shoot as fast and accurately as you can

You walk up to the knocked out officer and loot his body, you find 4 rounds for your Glock

You walk up to the officer you shot

**You hear the dead officer’s radio. He called for backup. You need to move quick.

#1.Should you take the second Glock and search the officer’s body?
#2.What should you do to the cop knocked out?**


I WOULD of chosen this but, the main character is a biker. He doesn’t know how to do flips and other forms of parkour.

Turn yourself in.

If more posted, I was going to continue until I got so far I made a twist bullshit ending like an atom bomb. But, I request a LOCK

Don’t leave it. I think it is original to make it FPS. This interactive is better then 60% of others, don’t leave it.

I think this is actually really good, I love the posing and the FPS design!

I WOULD but, no one ever posts so it’s basically dead…

For an “FPS” the camera angles suck, because they don’t show any effort in the posing of Francis. The graphics aren’t up to standards and you say that the concept is original, and it’s not. Let me explain how this is the same as any other interactive comic to grace this section.
1.You wake up not knowing any background information.
2.You find yourself in some kind of trouble that involves combat.
3. Incoming lulrandum events.
If you look at it as I do then," I think it is original to make it FPS." is just wrong, because after seeing what I just wrote you can see that FPS is just a simple and failed way of attempting to hide itself as a by the book interactive comic and nothing we haven’t seen before.


I’m not even going to try and take a go at this comment, I can tell that you’re probably his friend and you’re putting a good word in for it because you’re trying to support your bro. I understand that. If that’s not the case then you’re just…well I not going to say anymore.

I believe I made a suggestion.

“Turn yourself in.”

What, you just want to wait around for replies that reflect the direction you want to go in so that you can make a “twist” ending? Welp, some interactive comic this was.

I disagreed with Castro in some points, but yes, the scenarios are very similar. No, they are the same.