FPS issue after the last few months

So this is just so weird and i don’t get it at all. One day i loaded gmod and all the sudden im getting anywhere from 1-3 fps for no reason when in game, and it doesnt matter what gamemode im in. The weird part is that this only happens sometimes not all the time.

Anyways as for specs there is no way i can’t run this game but im obligated to post them.
CPU: I7-6700k
Ram: HyperX 16GB DDR4

I originally thought this was an issue with windows 10, and sadly i had to go back to 7 after my os basically gave up, i couldn’t get good fps on any game after a random os crash. (the fps issue started months before this)

However today when i booted it up to play some surf as soon as i got into the game i noticed the 1 fps

when i usually keep a steady 400+ on the menu and in game, it never goes under that (i cap mine at 450)

I’ve tried verifying the games files and reinstalling it doesn’t help either, any help would be appreciated. I also have no addons for anyone wondering.

I don’t think that your PC Specs are causing the error however, this guide might help you ooor not.


Edit: <Addons are a massive thing to crumple your performance. I recommend turning off the option to install all custom files on server connect and just install carefully from the workshop.> by someone in comments section on that guide.

Yeah ive had that option to maps only for years, and like i said i dont have any addons whatsoever. Ill take a look at the guide though.

edit: all of those commands are meant for very low end computers, they do nothing for my setup.