FPS Issue // Please Help!

Honestly this is a repost of a previous thread I made that had received no answers and is now lost in the many pages that make up this forum. Since I do have one of the newer NVIDIA cards it does come with all of those 3d settings through the NVIDIA control panel. I am guessing the issue has something to do with those settings, but honestly I have no idea.

Here are some tips:

Lower resolution
Use “Fastest” in unity launcher thing
Decrease Render Quality to minimal in options

While in game, press F1 and use following commands:
grass.on false
grass.displacement false

Give Rust High/Above Normal priority in Task Manager
Turn off unwanted processes (ESPECIALLY ones that use some CPU usage)
Turn off windows fancy features

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Also, that ain’t a bad build oh and one more tip: Use lowest DX settings [configurable in start parameters]

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one more thing to console: gfx.all false & gfx.ssaa false to get a little more fps.•

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the startup parameter I was talking about is:
-force-feature-level-9-2 -popupwindow

Thanks SilentK :stuck_out_tongue: . I tried all of your possible solutions and it did help a lot. It runs at about 25 fps now with maybe a .25 - .5 second input delay instead of the full second. It has improved a lot, but for me is still very difficult to play. If there was no more input lag I would be better able to play it, but sadly the issue still exists. When you said to lower my DX settings, (I’m assuming that translates to DirectX) I followed this guide http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-030506.htm to change it’s setting to ‘performance’ and optimal mode off. I wasn’t sure how to turn off windows fancy features so I left them as they are aha.

I really appreciate the help as it did improve my game’s performance greatly, but I still am unhappy about it’s current state. I know my laptop should be running the game very smoothly with the specs it has. Any more potential fixes? D: