FPS Issue ?

Hello, i have buy the game yesterday and i can log in but i have a rly bad FPS. I don’t know it me computer because i can run several game at minimal without lagg. (planetside2, GTAIV, etc…)

Computer Spec :
-Window 7 Professional
-8g Ram 1333
-MSI Motherboard
-Geforce Force GT220
-AMD FX-6100 6 core 3.3ghz

I have try to clear me cache but i can’t see any diference.

Thanks if someone can help me !

The GT220 is hardly a gaming graphics card, being how old it is and it never was that good in the first place. That’s your problem right there. Rust is very unoptimized, but I don’t know if optimizing can help you. You could also be running in too high of a resolution, or trying to run multiple monitors, which taxes your GPU.

I am already running in multi processor i have like 20% of me precessor used…

Your processor has nothing to do with it. Your graphics card is very outdated and never was particularly strong for gaming.

Multi processor Facepalm

srry i will try for the multiple monitor but with me graphic card i can play several new game so i just think it the game that is not optimised.

Are you from turkey???

No, your graphics card is worth like $40, and hasn’t been any good for four years. Try buying a new one if you have any intention on gaming.

do you think the GTX 460 should be fine ? because i want to buy this one temporary the time i have the money for a better one i can get this one for like 40-100$ on ebay. And i don’t think it only the graphic card because i can play Planetside 2, GTAIV, Black Ops 2 and many other without lagg.

I’m not sure if the GTX460 can run it either, but I guarantee that you can’t run PS2, GTA4, or BO2 properly with that card, if at all. And even if you can, that’s probably because GTA4 is 5 years old.

I have all of them installed on me computer and i can assure you i can play these game smooth at low setting. (with GT220)

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Anyway i will enjoy the game with 20 fps until i get my new one, thanks you at all to have aswer me.

This game is more graphically demanding than them.

Please try the max performance guide posted a day ago or a few hours idk.

i will. thanks

Okay, no problem just send me a PM if needed.
I still recommend you upgrade your videocard too.

I have did all from the tutorial but do you know if there other option like ‘‘Grass.on False’’ should help me ? because with that me friend and i gain like 10-15 fps but just enought to play but if there a another way we should be fine to play with our small computer :slight_smile:

Turn off filtering and turn awesomeness down low if you somehow haven’t already done it.

edit: Definitely turn down the resolution some, because by turning it down you are reducing the amount of data the card has to create in every single frame, which will lighten the strain.

Yup what he said, you use the performance boost and turn all graphics down, no antialiasing, lowest resolution, awesomeness level full down. glad i helped.

Already done.