FPS Issues, any other tips? and yes i know its alpha

So this started 5 days ago, I did all the suggestions on forum, turned off everything in config (false), forced settings in launch options and its not helping. Thought my Win is full of crap so I even reinstalled it.
My game runs on all dissabled/fastest on around 50-60 fps but every few seconds my frames get lost, basicly it freezes for a sec and then continues on 50+fps

I have Amd athlon x4 that works on 3.6, 8gb of ram and GTX 560ti twin frozr 3 clocked a bit, I’ve been checking my gpu/cpu loads constantly and they are not going higher than 50% for CPU and max 40% on gpu… is there anything else i could try besides buying new PC?

i have the same problem, been wondering why it kept freezing every 10 seconds or so and then returned to normal

GTX 560ti should be able to run it fairly well

but, have you tried updating drivers? may be that, minor thing though, also, .net framework too

yeah J!NX, I did download new nvidia drivers an hour ago when I did reinstall of windows. 334.89 version

Same issue for me, it appears to me that this happens when the game loads buildings or chests, game lags for 1 sec or so, and goes back to smooth.

It’s happening on every server.

Same here, especially when I load buildings, Amd Fx 6300/GTX 760