FPS Issues with Laptop.

Hey, i recently bought rust and was disappointed with the fact that i got 10-15 fps, with a bit of tweaking i got a steady 15 and forcing directx 9-3 i got 30-ish( with unfixable sky glitch), but all of these had very big lag spikes. I have a Nvidia GeForce 630m and on most games can run medium-low settings at 40-50 ish fps with some exceptions. Just wondering if there is any solution or any information on this in general.

Update: If i pause then unpause i get 30 fps for about 30 secs, then a decrease back down to 15, anything on this?

The game is still in alpha and is still not fully 100% optimized…

Try moving the graphics slider down all the way, and pressing F1 then typing Grass.on False that may help

But what is not optimized? Im thinking it was that laptop graphics cards are not supported yet…

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All that has been done, still (in my eyes) bad.