FPS Issues

Today i suddenly started to get fps drops. for example if you open a door, and sprint straight to stairs, my fps drops to 20 EVERY TIME i do that. And if you open door and then turn fast drops again…
It didn’t do that b4.

GPU : AMD Radeon 7970
CPU : Intel core i-5 3570k

Normally i have around 80-120fps.

indeed, this shit is pissing me off, i get constant fps drops for no reason… died because of it so many times. i’m using a superclocked gtx 660 3gb. also overall fps is unstable, compared to a few patches over when i got constant 60+ fps no matter what.

I’ve got FPS problems too. Hopefully they will fix it later on :frowning:

Anyone know whats wrong?-

yes there are drops currently

you can clearly test them when you move away from some object and its unloading…then there is a big spike…once you move step forward and it loads again then it makes fps spike again.

so in populated areas it happens quite a lot when you turn around :frowning:

hopefully fix is on the way…cause its pretty nasty.

without player buildings around its rock solid fps

I don’t get these FPS drops and your specs are better than mine.