FPS Lag/Stuttering during intense combat.

I have noticed that my FPS and general performance drops significantly whenever I am involved in fire fight. As soon as my group runs in to a group of other players and decides to engage, everyone’s frame rate goes to shit during the entire ordeal, I hope this gets some attention because it is very frustrating.

Is anyone else experiencing this? This happens even if my graphical settings are set to minimum. :frowning:

I’m having the same issue. regardless of game resolution I’m getting about 20-35 FPS when in low-population areas and small engagements work really smoothly SOMETIMES, but any firefight involving more than 2 people and I get dropped to 5-10 FPS… I’m playing with every lowest possible setting

Radeon HD6870
Phenom 495 quad core @3.0ghz
4gig ram

Any insight would be grand.

This happened to me a couple of time before (rarely).

And I am using a R9 280X playing ~50-60fps all maxed (shadows removed tho)

It’s wierd.