FPS low on rust with alienware? ...

Hello everyone
I wonder why I turn about 20 fps with alienware???
I did however run battlefield 3 and 4 without problem ultra full …
My config:


Operating System

Windows 7 Home Premium ( x64 ) Service Pack 1
Installation Date: 14/02/2012


Intel Core i7 2670QM Clocked at 2.20 GHz
Number of Cores: 4 physical (s ), 8 logical (s)
Socket : Socket 988B RPGA


Alienware M14xR1 A08
Serial number ( motherboard) . HWXXXXX.CN129XXXXXXXXX .
SKU Number: xxx123x # ABA
Version bios : A08
Date: 23/12/2011


North Bridge: Intel Sandy Bridge
Revision id : 09
South Bridge : Intel HM67
Revision id : B3


8 GB of total memory type DDR3
Memory Timings : 11.0 - clocks 11 clocks 11 clocks - clocks -28 -1 TT
Barrette Nanya Technology 4GB
Maximum frequency : 800 MHz
Bandwidth: PC3- 12800
Barrette Nanya Technology 4GB
Maximum frequency : 800 MHz
Bandwidth: PC3- 12800

Graphics Card

Intel ( R) HD Graphics 3000
DirectX version : 11.0
NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M
DirectX version : 11.0
GPU frequency : 50 MHz
GPU shaders frequency : 101 MHz
Memory Frequency GPU : 135 MHz


ST9750420AS hard drive of 698.64 GB SATA II
Firmware: 0002DEM1
Version of SATA : SATA Rev. 2.6
Serial number: 5WS3WSES
HDD Temperature : 47 ° C
Operating time : 5646 hours


Type : DVD -RAM Recorder
Firmware Version : 1.00


TAP- Adapter V9 Windows
Adapter Type : Ethernet
Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter
Adapter Type : IEEE 802.11 Wireless
Killer Wireless -N 1103 Network Adapter
Adapter Type : IEEE 802.11 Wireless
Atheros AR8151 PCI -E Gigabit Ethernet Controller ( NDIS 6.20)
Adapter Type : Ethernet
Software Loopback Interface 1
Adapter Type : Loopback

multimedia cards

Intel Corporation 6 Series Chipset Family Series/C200 High Definition Audio Controller


/ 2 Keyboard standard PS


/ Synaptics PS 2 Port TouchPad
Pixart Imaging, Inc. Optical Mouse (USB OPTICAL MOUSE)

Screen (s)

Generic Monitor Plug and Play
Manufacturer: 6HH82タ140KT
Maximum Resolution: 1600 x 900
Screen Size : 13.6 "(30 cm x 17 cm)
Date: 31/12/2009
Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Video input type : Digital Signal

USB device

Pixart Imaging, Inc. Optical Mouse (USB OPTICAL MOUSE)
USB supported version : 1.10
Suyin Corp. . Laptop_Integrated_Webcam_2M
Supported USB version : 2.0
Alienware M14x Corporation
USB supported version : 1.10


First off, why the hell would you get an Alienware, they’re extremely overpriced.

Anyways, go into this forum http://facepunch.com/forumdisplay.php?f=107

You sure you’re getting a lot FPS in BF3/4 on Ultra? Are you sure you can even run them? lol. Simply, your CPU sucks, your GPU aswell. STicker “Alienware” doesnt mean you’ll run every game.

I run BF3 with 60 fps blocked in full ultra I run BF4 with 50 fps in full ultra i think its just a no compability of one pilot and my graphic card or other but the dev must find them just that and i buy an alienware because its a laptop and i do not build my laptop ( i got a fix pc and i buit it solo he is better than my alienware and cost me less )
its my probem if i need a gaming laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

I also bought an alienware laptop because i don’t build my own laptops, i also couldn’t find a comparable laptop that undercut the price of an alienware so much that i should take the risk of buying it from somewhere else that had hardly any reviews. I also wanted a laptop that looked cool, yes i actually care what it looked like.

i personally guarantee you arent running bf4 on ultra period, not with those specs, both of you are useless if you buy an alienware, i have a computer that looks better runs better for half the cost, actually like a third…

Like others have said, your system’s specs are pretty low.

Instead of coming in here and criticizing him about his Alienware PC and not giving him any advice and causing a shit storm for no reason, why not just help the guy? Why the fuck does it matter to you what brand he is using?

What’s your GPU? You only gave us the name of the integrated one. It sounds like it could be a problem with your drivers, are you running the latest drivers? Are they beta drivers? Try downgrading/upgrading your drivers and see if it works.

Your Video card doesn’t cut it.

Maybe you should consider reading the “Graphics Card” part of his post again. Just sayin’.

make sure you have your actual graphics card activated, there is a FN function shortcut on your keyboard to turn it on/off so you aren’t using the integrated graphics card. I’ve accidentally left if off before and couldn’t figure out why my computer was having so much trouble running my video games till i turned it back on.

Man… No way you’re running either BF3 or BF4 on Ultra with more than 30 FPS. GTX 650[M] is shit. 2nd gen i7 - M, is shit. Your computer can’t handle this game… Thats it, no more explanatory. Upgrade drivers, whatever maybe you’ll squeeze one or another, but its not alienware thats running games, its your parts, which are kinda low grade. I believe GTX 650 is one of the lower cards, considered its even mobile one - woosh. Get your facts straight, you come here to brag about your computer which " runs BF4 & BF3 ultra 60 FPS ". If It does on your specs - I’m a fuckin coca-colla bottle.

tl;dr - Your alienware is not good enough to run this game. Upgrade drivers/use community workarrounds.

You’re on a laptop — make sure that Rust uses the high-performance video card, not the low-power integrated chipset. You can usually configure this in the driver settings.

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His PC is good enough to pull off playable framerates in all modern games. He just needs to make sure that applications use the correct chipset. (it’s annoying, because laptop manufacturers do this in a way that is often not standard and broken in a number of ways. it’s usually a headache and a source of confusion for people who don’t know about it)


Amount of trolls in this thread makes me wonder if all the LOL idiots are coming over to rust now.

p.s. alienware are fine, mac book pro’s are super expensive aswell, they are still a solid laptop. This is coming from someone who did build his own computer and hates mac’s, go figure.

That’s one hell of a graphics card for that of a shitty computer.

Alienware is name brand. Build your own for half the cost. This is advice for next time. I know it can’t solve your problem now. A lot of high end computers run low fps with this game. Give it some time because it is still alpha. Remember that.

He can run bf4 on full ultra… with 642x480 and 1% res scale :v:
Remember to keep your laptop cool though, i noticed that mine heats up quite well when gaming, so i put a fan next to it. No more lag spikes or throttling. Might wanna try that!

Intel Core i7 2670QM Clocked at 2.20 GHz… I assume this is a lap top you have. If not you have a god damn slow i7 there.

Try turning off the grass? F1 > Grass.on false, worked for me