FPS -Low Specs

Is there anyway to increase fps? Any amount would help
CPU: AMD A6-5200
GPU:AMD Radeon HD 8400/ R3 Series

Currently playing on 5-14 fps

Sorry, but. Not really. Unless you have the Powersupply and motherboard that will handle a big overclock.
Basicly, I think you should upgrade at some point.

adding ram may add a slight boost to fps, but you are really running below minimum specs. total upgrade is likely to have better results for less money lost.

I’ve posted this before. And since you haven’t talked about any “budget” for a new pc i’m just gonna give a guess and say you’re willing to upgrade big-ish time.
This build will run you for 990$
But this will be more than “enough” for most games. And it will last for quite a while.

Not with this rig.

Time to upgrade. Newegg.com for some parts and it’s cheaper