Fps problem help !

Hi all. Today I buy Rust, when I join to server I have 10 fps on my computer help me what, how I can fix this ?
My computer
Processor: Intel Core I3 2,40 Ghz
Video : Geforce 310M 1GB
Ram : 4GB
Windows : 7
I Play on low settings, help me .

Try “gfx.ssaa false” in the console. See what happens.

I see on yt i can off grass i do that i have 5 fps more ;] no i look you
@Edit for you commend I have 3 fps more thanks you can give more ?

This may help
*Make sure to close out things in your desk top that you don’t need running.
*If you have Nvidia, just change the settings around in the Nvidia settings.
*Turn down Render distance.
*Disable Desktop Icons.
*It may be part of the server, I don’t think it is, but maybe.