FPS problem

I just got that game i launched and then i couldn’t play it cause the fps was like 2 i don’t know if it has something to do with my browser or what but please help me.

Ditto, lets hope the steam release helps. I’m getting very low fps.

dont worry the game will be on steam today/tomorrow so alot of lag problems will be solved but pls in the future search first before making a new thread. :slight_smile:

@FactoryMade & sw1n3
what CPU’s do u guys have ?

3.2 GHz Quad-core

I have a 2.4 Duo core
But i am building a new computer next week with a core i3 4GHz

CPU doesn’t even get to 30% and my memory is 8gb.

Should run fine. Probably my browser or something.

Eh Garry got this, Garry da bomb.

I will just wait for the Steam release cant wait!

Same here!

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