As you know, many people are having issues with low FPS and things like that.
I’ve been reading them and trying to find a solution but nothing. :frowning:

Im using a laptop: Dell Inspiron 15R 5520

Intel i5 3210 2.50ghz
Integrated Intel hd 4000 and AMD radeon hd 7670m 1gb
6gb ram
win 7 x64

Now i know that many people here in the forums have/had the same problem but i also noticed that they have Nvidia.
I have CCC aka Catalyst Control Center, but it’s much more different of course.
I did upgrade my drivers to the newest, i play TF2 - 90-100 fps, BF3 and BF4 - avarage 40-60 etc.

Also i have tried setting rust high/saving performance but, there is a difference… only like 5 fps, but other games give me minimum +20-50 more fps.

Help me! :smiley: I really want to play it!

No reason to abuse the caps in the title.

That’s weird… I just got a doubling of fps after the update. What I’ve gathered from similar posts and solutions with Nvidia cards is that you have to create a profile for your graphics chip to force Rust to use the Nvidia card. If you don’t do that it’s most likely using the Intel card.

I need help sorry.

Try this it makes the game look worse but it will help you hopefully, Go to your steam library, right click on rust, go to properties, then set launch options, and input this:

-force-d3d11 -force-feature-level-9-3

Click OK and play :slight_smile: Hopefully it does help!

I have tried this before too, on youtube there was a tutorial…
I really see no difference only it looks uglier like you mentioned.

hmm weird like reynolds232 said i think rust is forcing on your Intel Graphics card not your other graphic card. Try looking into the settings on your card to see if you can assign the card to force work on rust.
Haven’t got much other advice!

Maybe u didnt change on what video card game runs? Go to CCC>Power>switchable graphics application settings>add rust and chose High perfomance. I also play Rust at Dell laptop 7520, it was heating hard, but after today’s update problem was solved;)

it is on high performance. I also have a cooling pad for my Dell. It’s a CoolerMaster X3, it can’t be that bad. I think it’s something with the CCC and Intel not letting me play with Radeon card.