FPS Problems for clients on my server

The clients on my server have some FPS problems.
The FPS stays at about 20-40.

Map: rp_chaos_city

Gamemode: DarkRP 2.6.1

Addon List:
part 1: http://prntscr.com/859jjl
part 2: http://prntscr.com/859jmp
part 3: http://prntscr.com/859jqx
part 4: http://prntscr.com/859jtq

Yeah, I know I have many addons folders, but most of them are just cars/models.

Anyone hosting a server on the same map and can help me?
Which addon could influence the FPS?

Thats the thing, the more cars + models you split into “smaller” addons, the more the clients have to load, put them into one big addon.

Splitting up addons is not a problem for client FPS.

Splitting up addons, and most especially extracting workshop addons to legacy addons will increase loading times for your server.

As for client FPS problems, its simple as having too much shit going on on your server at the same time, including the size of the map and its optimization.

Incresing loading times for my server means, my server needs longer for starting up/chaning map right?
So the FPS problems could be caused by this really large map? Because someone said, that he has a server on this map too, but clients have about 60-120fps ^^

What are the server specs?

Server specs should be fine. RAm/CPU Usage is always in “green area” while running web/mysql server + teamspeak + ttt and darkrp server and several other stuff.

OS: Debian 7.8 Wheezy (Linux)
Ram: 16gb
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770

well, when you run multiple stuff at once it sometimes can happen, atleast for me, webpanel too shows its under 50%, still the ssh and server sometimes lag.

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Atleast make sure your server becomes an own core, and that other applications dont really use that one.

Because server ping is fine, and the fps is the problem, I think it can’t be the server’s performance. Or am I wrong?

FPS of clients are not related to server hardware or FPS at all.

As I said, it’s all about the map and the shit your gamemode/addons spawn in.

or unoptimized code, like shit that gets run in think hook but which normally doesnt need to.

There are no custom entities spawned in the map, but fps are still low.
I think it needs to be caused by the large map then. I just don’t understand why someone (forgot the name) told me that clients on his server are running with 60-120 fps on this map.

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Do you know any addon in my list that is causing this?

I dont look through all such addon code, specially not big addons like TDM/VCMod, but I guess you use leaked addons(eg VCMod, Niandranots and such) which could’ve been edited heavily with exploits and such.

Haha, I’m not using any leaked scripts, sorry m8

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Everything on my server is purchased, go away with fckin leaks!

cough /thread-515369&pid=10631018#pid10631018 cough - The admins/mods know which forum I mean, you are seen replying to an leak of “AtlasChat”.

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Also on VCMod + VCMod ELS.
Now explain that to Niandra, whos on your friendlist.

Yeah I downloaded this leak. I wanted to test this script. Some scripts just don’t have such a good description or I just need to test them before I know that a purchase would be worth it.
If moderators of SF want to ban me because of testing scripts before buying them, okay.
But I really think this would be unfair.
I have purchased EVERY Script after testing and used the purchased version on my servers.
I will send you some screenshot of my purchased script list as a proof:

Thats a bad excuse :stuck_out_tongue:

That is your opinion. I need a test for some scripts before buying them.
I have downlaoded leaked copies of for example vcmod.
I wasn’t sure wether about 40$ (+ELS) will be worth.
I tested it on my server and later I purchased the script.

Same with NiandraNots. The script had only about 3 purchases and no review, so I tested it and purchased it afterwards.

You should flame people who are not purchasing scripts and just using leaked copies instead of flaming me.

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Now, can we please get back to the topic?

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Oh and sorry for my bad english.

Try using default HUD and chatbox, does the help fix FPS?

I will try this, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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That did not help

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I think I will just search for a new map then, thanks for all your help! :slight_smile: