FPS Problems - Please Help. I Will Reward You!

I can run pretty much any game I own absolutely fine, so my specs are not the problem.

When I try to play Rust I get about 5 FPS… I have read other threads… Downloaded 64 bit versions and upgraded a bunch of things, turned the grass to false, dedicated more RAM to the game application and so on. Also I use Nvidia graphics and can use my graphics card in-browser through right clicking and telling it to do so… which also doesn’t help.

Please help, I’ve purchased the game today and there’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing something and being unable to atleast play the thing, even if it is buggy and alpha when you get inside…!

If anybody can help me fix this, i’ll even go as far as to gift you a game on steam.

I don’t rly need a reward but i can help u.

-Download WaterFox with Unity Web Player 64 bit.
-Ingame click on F1 and do ‘‘grass.on false’’.
-You can also run the game in fullscreen sometime it help (Not for everyone.).

use opera

wheres my reward?

And what does Opera do to help with this

Proper graphics

Set windows resolution to the lowest, make rust resolution the lowest. Then set fullscreen when playing rust. Kinda ugly but playable.