FPS Problems since the latest patch

***Hello there!

since the new update has been released i am almost unable to play the game, before the patch i had between 45 and 60 FPS and now i get 17-26 fps.

I think its because of the new Rocks design and cliffs?

here’s my setup:

AMD Fx-8120 @3.1GHZ Processor
Nvidia Geforce 660 TI Videocard

any other information needed? leave a reply,


~ Darryl



i also have a 660 gtx and amd fx-8350, i noticed that before the patch my gpu usage was always at 99% giving me steady and high fps, but now it jumps between 60-80% usage, thus not using its full capacity causing lag and fps drops.

yes but the game is more processor initialized anyway, its through browser … but yet it’s strange that it is this bad after the patch, alot of people cant really give a feedback on this alpha now at all cuz we cant see shit

I agree on this i normally got 100-180 FPS. I have a highend pc. If i look now to the north i get 30 fps and if i look to the see i get 80 fps. I would like if they can improve that or make it normal

Its all those rocks

probaply, in any way there are way to much and i dont see the use of a random rock in the middle of a empty field but ok…

Way too many rocks imo. Its like a western. Everywhere I go its rocks.

Ironic thing is. Not many boulders to get stone from…hmm

I just think it’s this unity BS thing the game uses right now. I’m sure when the game goes to steam and the game runs own all this video lagg will go away (hopefully).

the game is now unplayable for me. I have about 8 to 15 fps. I am stuck with collecting resources and running away from everything and everyone, because there is just no way I can kill anything that moves. :c

you do realize unity is just an engine right???

the game will still run on unity when it comes to desktop

If Garry team remove these rock everyone will be happy :slight_smile:

The game runs fine on hardware released semi-recently.

i5 3.4ghz
16gb ram

Dudes, its the Grass. Do you guys know about the grass.on false feature?

My pc is Core I5 760 (first generation), and i have GeForce GTX 660.

I force on the vertical sync for chrome.exe in Nvidia Contro Panel. It’s pretty steady at 60 FPS now. I can look everywhere and its 60 FPS.

Turn the fancy Grass off dudes.


Ok, here goes for who doesn’t know: Hit F1 type grass.on false hit Enter. F1 again to remove the UI.


I did that also, but it barely helps me.

I have a high end computer as well, and the FPS is terrible… It flies around from 20 - 60 FPS and PVP is non-existent with all the lag. Only is at 60 when im looking at the sky or away from the middle of the map, etc.

didnt work for me either, i kinda wonder why this populair post hasn’t been looked at by a admin or moderator :confused:

I’m with same problem. Low FPS. Before this patch i was running just perfect! with high FPS. Now i can’t get more than 15 =/

Also, i tried to download the new version of my GT630M driver, and now i can’t make the chrome run with the Graphic Card.

Does anyone know how to solve this? =/

dudes, double check if you guys did the GRASS thing properly. you should see a lot fewer grass, and at least 20 or even 30fps gain.

the only barely good thing in my PC config is the graphics card. if you have a barely ok graphics that should work the way i said.

i repeat: everywhere i look its 60fps steady.