FPS problems

Hello all.

Recently, after just recently getting gmod too work again, I have been having a problem where my FPS is like a solid 5 - 6 on 2 maps.


But however when I was on this same server before, when it would be on gm_construct due to beta, it was like in the hundreds at least.

Single player works fine, both gm construct and the two RP maps mentioned.
So I have tried the following:[ul]

[li]A fresh start of gmod (renaming folder and such) but that fixed nothing.
[/li][li] Defragmentation of GMod
[/li][li]Single Player testing
[/li][li] Rate <number> in console.
[/li][li]fps_max in console.
[/li][li]Firewall and/or any anti virus turned off/ exited.

I had used too play on this server before when I had a computer with Vista. The game ran fine with some lag, and that’s due too the shitty graphics card. So I don’t see why I’d be having an FPS drop now.

So if anyone could please help?

I have yet too try any other servers but I doubt it’s the server, but I could be wrong.

uuuh…if you only get the lag problems on 2 maps, and all the others get you FPS in the hundreds…

what does that tell you? The maps are probably badly optimized, or there are some glitches in them that could cause lag. Just don’t play on them, find different maps.

Appreciate your post.

But I have tried the same maps in singleplayer and multiplayer (create multi) and they still work fine.

But is there anything on a server that should be dropping my FPS?

maybe the two maps aren’t optimized that well causing major fps dropage

A server having problems keeping up with whats happening could cause a bit of an FPS frop, but I don’t think it would this much.

Are you sure the servers isn’t just running to much lua on the client? Badly written/unoptimized scripts could cause you to get low fps on a map to, when run.

Usualy these also lead to error in console. Any detected?

No errors in console no.

Also, no one else is having this bad of FPS drop or lag at all.

So I guess it’s just me.

So no need too reply anymore guys I’ll suffer I suppose.

Are these on specific servers or? Chances are it’s to do with the scripts themselves, not the maps.