fps problems

Since last weekend i have been unable to get fps higher than 15fps sometimes dipping to 1fps, before that i would get around 80fps on good. system is i7-2600 with a gtx770.

I don’t get any difference in fps on any graphics.quality setting and disabling options in f2 makes no difference. Have also tried fps.limit to no avail. currently game is unplayable.

If any other information would help just ask.

Tried turning off nvidia shadowplay, made no difference. in game fps.graph reports 20fps constant on all graphics.quality settings. FYI last zone alarm virus scan was today.

Just run second update. graphics.quality 5 started with 15fps constant, set fps.limit to 300, F2 turned off all settings and reduced draw and terrain quality down to 0 and was getting 40fps constant. weird thing is, after turning everything but full reflections on i still get 40fps constant. when full reflections is turned on i get 10-14fps.

Interesting. Are you saying that setting the fps limit to 300 helped your performance? I’d like to try that as well but since this update today I cannot join servers lol

No, it seems that full reflections improved things, but had to turn everything off first.