FPS Spikes?

Hey i have had a great time playing this game and got pretty far into it. Recently though i logged off and left the pc for about 30 mins and came back and logged on, when i came back i had some form of lag which i think is fps lag. This lag will happen every 15 seconds or so. Its extremly annoying because i cant risk leaving my house and so i cant really play right now or risk losing everything.

Help would be appeciated!

Also i upgraded my graphics drivers and made sure the temp is not too hot and restarted my pc so those are done.


I was getting the same thing last night. it seemed to happen the more the server filled up.
i thought it was just my rig but now i see you have the problem as well so i think it is server lag due to them being so full

I dont think so. I was on a server before this server with a full 200 people on it and had zero lag like that on fantastic graphics. Also on this server i have asked several times and no one else has this problem.
This would be a great thing to look into if possible for the next patch :\

also the same probleme, i was running it perfectly at fantastic in 1920x1080 2 days ago but now i got random fps drop. very annoying. it’s like impossible to win a gun fight…
(my graphic card is an AMD Radeon HD 7800 series)

I think the devs will have to look into this…it seems to be happening to a few people but not everyone…
I was on last night and i was getting the fps drop really bad others were getting it a little bit and some not getting it at all…it seems to be since the they patched it about 2 days ago

you have an AMD Radeon graphic card too?

Yeah Gak i do believe thats around the time it happened. Shortly after the censor patch.
Im currently running a Geforce GTX 560 TI

Yea im running an Nvidia gtx 680. The censor patch is about when it happened

Got these spikes as well.

Running “Fantastic” @ 1920*1080 on a i5-2500K, 16GB Ram, GTX680 and a Samsung 830 SSD (OS & Games).

At the Steam launch, I ran at around ~150FPS tops and the lowest was around ~125FPS - generally around ~140FPS.

A day go it started dipping down to ~60FPS at times…

These drastic frame drops, kinda freeze the game for me, in a split-second - its getting kinda hard to navigate the Rad Camps, as a zombie one second can be out of range and then just sudden it has already attacked me…

I got a mate with the exact same setup as me (really… Exact same…), he only got drops of ~50FPS or so… So it seems kinda random…

Hey guys im going to try an expieriment and go in and turn off the censoring to see if that stops the lag spikes? Will let you know if anything changes.

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Sad to say this did not change anything. Trying to think of something that patch would have changed besides that… possibly the script that makes sure you cant post a picture of nude people?

Just an update i tried a different server as well as uninstalling and re installing the game and still no dice :\

Is it happening when you are walking or standing still
most reports about this are when walking around because its loading/unloading stuff that is getting closer/farther from you, it’s something we need to try and work around

I’m experiencing this too. It happens when moving around. It was fine a few patches ago.

I purchased the game on Friday and these lag spikes started occurring right from the beginning. Every 5-10 seconds my screen would freeze and i would be unable to move for up for 1-4 seconds. Luckily there is a fix for this which is to disable your Realtek High Definition Audio, sounds weird i know and i’m not really sure why it works but it does. The only bad part is this effectively cuts off your computers sound which to almost everyone id assume is unacceptable. Maybe this will give devs a direction into where the problem lies? If you would like to try out this solution for yourself, Device Manager->Sound, Video, Game Controllers->Realtek High Definition Audio-> Right Click And Disable-> Restart Computer. If for some reason this doesn’t work you can simply turn it back on. Please give feedback on how this works for you.

This is not what it is unfortunately. As i said before it was fine before and i even walked around a bit near my house to let the pc load the sarrounding area and still lagged every 15 seconds or so.

And towards Balgoblin Thanks for the info im trying some methods out right now involving the audio to see if that fixes this. Ill post my results.

Ok so what i tried did not work. I went into the device manager and updated my sound drivers hoping that was it and turns out there actually was an update. Sad to say this still wasent the problem. Even after i updated and restarted it still lagged. I have updated everything so its not an issue with that it must be game related.

It’s usually happening to me, when I’m inside the “Rad Camps”, moving around only inside the “Rad Camps”, not going outside any of them.

It gets VERY bad especially in “Rad-Town” (Name from this map : http://playrustwiki.com/images/6/69/NewMap.jpeg ), but it’s not only located to that part - it happens almost everywhere, but the rads seem to trigger an even worse experience for me.

Setup (if it helps):
GTX 680 2GB
Samsung 830 SSD
Windows 8.1

…and this didnt happen to me anytime during the first ~24 hours after the Steam launch.

Any news on this? im still lagging even after the recent patch. Did it fix for the rest of you guys?

Nope, if anything i feel like its happening more frequent, and the spike lasting about 1 second longer.

You’ll get fps spikes when you move around because you’ll load other players’ structures, devs are working on it afaik