fps troubles with Rust. on steam

Everytime I play on a server I get really low fps (10-20) but when I was in browser I was getting high fps (40-60). I have no clue why it’s doing that, I put the quality down from fastest to beautiful and the awesomeness all the way down and I still get 10 - 20 fps. Does anyone know how to fix this? I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me.

P.S John8734

Don’t use “Beautiful” quality?!

Computer specs

16 GB Ram

NIVIDA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 4GB

IntelCore I7 2600k @ 3.40ghz

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What quality should I use? Fastest? I mean I can run BF3 at 60 fps at high quality then rust comes in messing with me. -_- lol

use fastest and in-game put your awesome level down. try grass.on false in console(f1) if you’re still under 60fps

^ yea dude, someone told me about Grass.on false in game and I am getting about 60 fps now. Thanks guys!

I am not sure the startup quality settings actually do anything - so you’re best off using the options in game.

What’s the point of having the launcher then?

It’s built into unity and we haven’t disabled it yet

The options menu in game has a habit to making the game crash tho. I used the ingame options menu and I had to re-install…Be careful

The only option I have seen to work is the resolution. The hotkeys don’t work unless you change it in-game. As for the graphics level, I doubt that actually works. Great game, keep up the good work. c: