FPS: Wounded Special Forces guy makes his last stand (bonus preview for a potential comic)

Hello all! Some of you may remember me from before; some of you may know me as Jenkem. I was logged out of my account and unable to log back in for quite some time because the password retrieval system was glitched (it wasn’t reading my password, and it told me it didn’t recognize my e-mail when I put it in to reset my password).

My first picture is a bit of an experiment. For anyone wondering about the squiggly visual effects, they aren’t a Gimp filter; I used the morph tool. It was in an attempt to simulate either visor glass or perhaps tear/sweat-blurred vision (it’s already blurred a lot because the guy is dying and probably cannot concentrate very well).



This picture is more of a concept than an actual posing attempt, and I’m not pleased with the actual picture itself. It’s just to show a concept for a potential humor comic I thought up (working title “Team Epic”) involving a mish-mashed team of dimension-hopping mercenaries. Here, they are seen holding off off-screen pirates on some water planet, floating on their space barge built from old train cars.


I remember you, Muffin. Anyways, I really like the second picture. The editing isn’t perfect but it’s a cool picture. The first picture is odd - I wouldn’t have know it was an FPS pose if you didn’t say so because the hand and pistol are so far to the outside of the picture.

It is kind of far off to the side, but he’s also supposed to be kind of faint and woozy from being injured, and therefore he isn’t going to line up the shot just right (his arm is laying beside him, and he probably just picked it straight up to point it at the Russian guy). I’ll try to avoid that problem in the future, though.

Use super DoF instead of simple DoF, it gives way better results.

I used both in the first picture, actually. The way I did it in the first picture, I didn’t think it looked bad (and I wanted everything but the Russian guy closest the shooter to be blurred).

The second picture’s DoF looks horrible, in my opinion, but I’m not really sure why.

DoF tends to fuck up with water for me, but in the first picture there is an border on the roof where the blur randomly stops, its pretty distracting from the main action and looks like simple DoF (Instant edges)

I see. Never noticed that part.

LOL jenkem. Anyway the first picture looks like gas is filling up the room, but it looks cool. Idk what to say about the 2nd.

Reminds me of Metro 2033.


Is that a…complement?

Not bad, not bad.

Thank you very much.

The reddish tint in the background of the first picture was actually kind of an accident…I wasn’t even trying to go for that initially.

HQ requisting an air strike, over.


I just realized I accidentally posted with my old account the last time I replied. It keeps switching me back no matter how many times I try to log out.