FPSPlayers and Drop Party

Hey Can,
I’m a little late to the game here, but my DP has been down since the last patch (obviously). I read other GSPs are supporting the new Drop Party. Any words on FPS Players? It takes a long time to get any kind of response from them, so I thought I’d go to the source.

In the new file browser they offer, there’s a ‘cfg’ folder in ‘myserverdata’ directory. Can my Drop Party tables go in there? I uploaded them all, but my drops are weird and I can’t access output.log anymore to see what the deal is.


When I left FPSPlayers a few days ago, they did have DropParty 1.0 support. The problem I had was that their setup made it so that you couldn’t FTP your tables, you had to configure tables via the same interface you edit your server config file. This made it impossible to add/remove tables, you could only edit. I haven’t heard anything from them about Leather 1.1/DropParty 1.1 which would theoretically allow them to move config files into the save directory where players could FTP them.

Yea, that’s exactly my issue. I have a few custom tables that reference each other and others, so without being able to upload my own tables, my server’s been garbage since the restrictions went in.

I guess I’ll reach out to them again and see when the update will be going in.

Hey Can,
So they’ve updated to 1.1 on all, but are still using the default CFG directory. Is there anything you could suggest I tell them?

Request that they modify leather.cfg to move the config directory for leather into the save directory. I could have sworn that this is something I’d told them about already…

Yea, so this still isn’t resolved, so I want to switch hosts.

Can anyone make a recommendation for a host? I’m looking for someone that will provide a server on the west coast, and allow me full FTP access to the server SO I CAN UPLOAD MY OWN CONFIGS!!!

Thank you for reading, Appreciate the input.

I heard from a user that they were able to open a ticket and get it resolved same day, the correct place to upload your DropParty tables is now (I BELIEVE)


Can anyone tell me if HFBServers allows access to the drop party config directory via FTP?

I’ve tried Can, I really have. I have to wait a full day for any response to any of my questions with FPSPlayers, and even then I get half baked answers that don’t address my issue.