FPtje DarkRP GitHub tags

This message aim to give the possibility to checkout via tags the stables branch for darkrp servers.

Actualy current last tags is: v2.4.3.

In some servers people get DarkRP from github link or via checkout but doesn’t know that if the branch is in a Stable or Unstable State (Primary Priority).
The second request is about the fact that all gamemodes derivations should be validated by FPje ( the owner of DarkRP ) and sended on github as a tag too #prisonrp and other gamemodes from DarkRP wich include pre-build modification to rename the mod.

Please consider that my english is bad ( I am a french dev ) and forgive me from any mistakes i could make please.

Could People reply this thread to give opinions about it.
This is also a call to FPtje for thoses branch tagging on github.


DarkRP is a bleeding edge gamemode. Like you said, the tags are only used for the ancient version that is 2.4.3. The only reason 2.4.3 is on there is because the version after that basically broke the entire API in order to improve it. Version 2.4.3 gave people the chance to migrate their script over to the next version.

I explicitly do not want to make tags of DarkRP on GitHub. The reason for that is because I despise people running older versions of my gamemode. It has happened countless times that I fixed serious and major exploits (insert that MySQL login data mistake I made once) and had to get the update out as quickly as possible. It’s frustrating as fuck to see how slow servers can update.

Now they didn’t update for a myriad of reasons:

  • DarkRP doesn’t update itself.
  • They had edited DarkRP’s core files, which meant that updating required WAY more effort.
  • They didn’t know about the major exploits that were fixed in the latest versions.

The current version of DarkRP has a solution for these problems. The workshop being the solution for the first, the DarkRPMod (and http://corefiles.darkrp.eu/) for the second and DarkRP’s console MOTD for the last.

The concept of stable tags will give people another reason not to update, and that is terrible. Instead, I take extra care with the workshop version of DarkRP, which I consider to be more stable than the GitHub version. When I implement something big, I always wait a couple of days to a week to see if the GitHub people report major bugs. When they don’t, I upload it to the workshop.

I have to take that approach, because a broken workshop build is worse than a broken GitHub build.

In short, the workshop version of DarkRP is the most stable one. Get it here:

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Oh and hell no to validating derivations of DarkRP. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!

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