FPtje's best small scripts, a collection(mostly clientside)

I made a lot of scripts lately and I’d like to share them with you.
I’ll tell you about them in order of importance:

Most important/biggest script: FSpectate!

FSpectate is a script that makes you able to go OUTSIDE of your body and fly around in noclipped mode while NOONE can see you flying. Then you can press reload on a player or an object and then you will see through their eyes or spectate the object. You can even make screens!
“Wow what I don’t get it”
VIDEO!!(explanation + instructions)

TIP: bind a key to fspectate( do “bind m fspectate” in console where m is the key)
(This script was made in honour to Vampired who made the “cameras” mod about 1.5 years ago)

FPtje's Piano

(Shared, works clientside and if the server has it then everyone hears you)
Clientside: say !piano or do piano in console to start the piano. You can either click the tones or set up to play on your keyboard by going to the bottom right of your screen and click setup. You can change tones by using the options at the bottom. In the textbox at the bottom right you can enter a soundpath and then you can play a song with that sound( like playing still alive with vo/scout_specialcompleted03.wav)
Server: There is a piano entity in the entities tab and a piano player SWEP to play the piano with.
For people who know this mod:
I removed the drums because it sucked balls.
No more vmfs, pure Lua.

FPtje's Xray vision!

Unlike my modified version of TetaBonita’s X-ray I rejected TetaBonita’s reality and substituted my own. SO NO CREDITS TO TETABONITA!
Do ToggleFRay in console to toggle the xray. TIP: bind it to a key.


Make an fdetector by saying fdet or fdetector and remove a made detector by doing fremdet or fremovedetector. Of course you can also do fdetector and fremovedetector in console.
This device is like a detection gate at the airport. But it doesn’t only detect metal, it detects EVERYTHING. When a player goes through it it warns you that has entered your detector. You can select its radius with your mouse and NOONE will EVER be able to enter your base without YOU knowing it! And if you set FDet_DoSay to 1 you will automaticly say through chat what’s going through the fdetector!

Clientside votes!

Do you HATE it that you have to be an admin to make ulx votes in most servers? WELL NOT ANYMORE!
Make a vote by saying fvote like:
A moment later it will automaticly make a vote. and EVERYONE can vote by saying either !yes or !no. Stupid people who can’t read and to /yes or /no will vote too. After a minute or when everyone has voted the results will become clear and everyone will see how many voted yes and how many voted no.

Special zoom

That’s why you should use FZoom instead of the normal zoom. Bind a key to +fzoom.
Zoom in and out by using your scroll wheel when being zoomed. At a certain point where you zoom in “too much” the zoom sounds will change When you hear that it does Extra zoom which means you will look through objects that are near you BUT you can zoom infinitely!
Reset your zoom with reload.

Other small shit

(all clientside)
Flashlight spammer: Console command = makesound or +makesound. This annoys the shit out of people but it’s funny.
Rotate script: same as flashlight spammer but then rotates with it: Concommands: Frotate, fyes, fno. Fyes and Fno make you say no or yes to people who are looking at you.
Infomod: type getmodel in the console while looking at an entity or player to see their model and lots of information in the console.
Prop kill detector: set FPropKillDetector to 1 to make gmod TRY to find out who prop killed you. This is not always accurate and can even find multiple results.
Toggle shit: Do toggleduck or togglevoice to Toggle duck or Toggle your mic. Might be useful. If you can change the Lua you can change +duck to +sprint and -duck to -sprint to make it toggle run… (or any other + - command)
Arrest baton warning: If FArrestBatonWarning is set to 1 then EVERYTIME anyone pulls out his arrest baton you will say it. Kinda like a warning system to warn you and other people if they are about to be arrested :slight_smile:


DOWNLOAD! fixed 18-6-2009!

:siren: (finally)

Looks pretty cool, will try it out later


Useful scripts. :slight_smile:

I like the clientside vote idea.

Looks good.
Nice work!

Cool looking scripts, I’ve always wanted some client side stuff like this, but didn’t have the Know-How to make it myself. Good job!

Your accent is hilarious.

Something went REALLY wrong. I was way too nervous that’s why my dutchy english came out of nowhere. :frowning:

Again, Another awesome release from the lua god known as FALCO!

I’ve always used

alias flashspam "impulse 100; wait 15; flashspam"; flashspam



Again i have to say falco is the lua god.

How does the clientside voting work? You can’t affect other clients surely?

And what does that do? :slight_smile:

Very neat scripts, King’d! :wink:

Presumably it sends stuff through the normal chat box, and counts votes that get sent to you through the chat.

Nice hidden script in there. “NoFalcoBan” Malicious Anti-Ban scripts are awesome. Nonetheless, awesome scripts!

Fuck what is that doing there.

Fuck that was a big mistake. You will probably not believe me but it was a script for Jiggu’s server euroRP. I forgot to remove it and so it’s still there.

Uploading a fixed version soon.
With FESP to make it up to you.

I fixed the download links to versions without the nofalcoban but WITH FESP :smiley: (it has a little bug though which sometimes places names very weird)

Honestly, if I wanted to make an antiban like that in a release i’d do it in some sort of Lua file and I wouldn’t call it NoFalcoBan…

I really like the idea of the spectate one. Pretty nice scripts, you got my download.

FSpectate is actually quite impressive. A shame it won’t work properly on entities outside your PVS.

If I use the Xray, this error occurs every time now or then. I can’t use the command again untill I reconnect.

autorun/client/NewXrayVision.lua:15: attempt to index local ‘z’ (a number value)

Besides that, “geweldige” script. :v: