FPtje's best small scripts, a collection(mostly clientside)

Can i make a request?
Make a client side bar that appears above players showing their hp and armor.

Well you probably know it already but it’s impossible to fix clientside.

Another update fixing experions error…

When I installed this my view keeps spazzing up and down its fucking annoying :confused:
never mind I had the fyes and fno mixed up

Sweet little pack, could be helpful!


How do I toggle the rear view mirror screen? Also my view is distorted with the half-life episode 2 turn effect. Is that normal?



It starts when I turn, but when I stand still it clears up after a few seconds.

You have to turn off motion blur, sadly.

Oh, thanks.

This will be great for machinima.

I was freaking people out a minute ago with the flashlight spam spin thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I do that all the time with admins in RP servers :excited:

Can you get rid of the mirror in the top left somehow?

Type fmirrorderma, it should popup.

The download is broken.

Nice dutch accent. And nice scripts to. :v:

Erg mooi. En trouwens, voor de gemiddelde Nederlander heb je al een aardig Engels accent hoor :wink:

Dat heeft hij zeker.
Maar nu eventjes engels voordat we gebanned worden.
Trouwens ik kan British maar dan wel erg puur.
Ik begon toen ik 4 was met engels.
Ik leerde Engels en Nederlands tegelijk.
Dus mijn accent is anders.

Back to English:


I be jealous

Very nice scripts. I found a couple problems though:

  • You get spammed with font errors, change the font in NamesOnHeads.lua to Default instead of 123.
  • fvote doesn’t seem to be working. :frowning:
    Otherwise, good job!

I had this installed, but the mirror and the dot aimer I didn’t like.

The scripts looked cool.

Fvote doesn’t work when ooc talk is on or when something else is in front of your chattext besides <your name>:

If you get errors by changing the font from 123 to default then simply don’t change it to default. That’s a kind of bug I’ve never tested.

And since only the Lua scripters might change the font I won’t bother fixing it. :wink:

I love client scripts :smiley:
Make more!