Rage mod : On

Have fun !

benjyy always going hard as fuck.

Damn that was sick.

You killed me multiple times and I ain’t even mad because of how much of a pimp you are.

I wish I was online a the time, woulda been fun. Only reason he got those first 3 free kills (which ultimatly lead to my team having no back up armor) is because xG is friendly with benjys group, then he shows up and starts opening fire while my team is just trying to check who he is by name. If you didnt notice, the first time Futurolla showed up, he walks right up to benjy and says “hey whos this?” because we were allied with benjy and group, and he just opens fire. If we had ANY clue benjy was going to turn on us, we wouldnt of just been standing there letting im rape us for the first 3 minutes.

Aha u raid me u are serious ! i see you !

ps : care at him , he say friendly and you deco , he raid u , nice mentality :slight_smile:

See ya

typical france

Typical bad players like u

fighting vs noobs?
wow you are so good.

a good player will jump on you with a shotgun and rape your face.
and your aim is shit :smiley:

bad players like me? lol ok

Mother good a sabbataist jew settler. In real life you’re like rust no ? kill all palestinian live near you but is not a game…

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nice to meet people like you :smiley:
thinks that only israel do is killing palestinian.
you cant see the jews side huh?
and how the fuck everyone knows that im jew -.-
im not really glad about it.

(hope i understand your previously message)

God ! a nice respond on that subject is difficult but you do it. I said Jew so is really a part of this people who are settler and no the “jew religion” of course. Is there a big difference but they trying put confusion in your mind for the controle. Glad to meet people like you, take care.

you really put french people in a good light by saying shit like that

Never talk history or politic with american…

Wow why rage srsly its just a movie -_- stop now and insaneparrot fucking racist stop this. Thx.

your broken english just makes me hate you more

benjyy you gonna show that recording of you raiding us with no weapons? no gear? im sure you’re proud of that. Every reset you get all items as fast so that you can farm nakeds.

Holy shit -_-’ kids get out of this topic pls … ITS JUST A VIDEO U KNOW ? It’s not the real life xD.

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