[FR/EU] FH Gaming - Rust server + Oxide mod - Arena events every night

Hello everyone,

Join our PVP FR server - modded on Oxide – With admins connected everyday.

The server has just been wiped (10/03), and you can do many things on it :

We need to get more players to make wider events !

1°) PVP section :

  • Airdrops happens every game-day beetween 8am and 7pm.

  • PVP arena with 3 game type : GunGame, Deathmatch and Last man standing (every night at 9pm, you get reward if you win !)

2°) Community section :

  • Basic commands :

    /list (connected players are shown)
    /help (how you available commands)
    /history (chat history).

  • This weekend, we will reactivate the group addon (no ff between group members)

3°) In the future :

  • (SOON INSTALLED) Skill tree with experience system, allow to upgrade your armor, damages, wildlife skills…

  • (PROJECT) Trading system, money and bounties (need more people to be really usefull…)

4°) Basic rules :

  • New players are welcomed and not camped, we allow you to farm and have some fun with us

  • Raids are restricted, we prefer raids with attack and defense than raid during away time for one side (so no real fight).

Here is the IP : net.connect

Have fun !