[FR/EU]*LUST FOR RUST* [PVP Bounty/Eco/ManyPluggins]

Hi people,

I come here to talk about my server, but do not worry this is not to advertise, but more to discuss with you the pluggins I installed and how I could improve my server while keeping the fun and balance.

So here is the list of pluggins I use:

  • Automessage
  • Bounty
  • Door Share
  • Economy
  • Groups
  • Kits
  • Lootsspawnlists
  • Quests
  • Remover
  • Stats
  • zDeathmessages

I] Economy

On our server you can earn money by killing players (you rob 25% of their cash by killing them), killing Zombies, wolves and bears, or finishing certain quests.

Price diponibles articles in our shop:

I’d like to know your opinion on the price of my shop, thank you! your opinion will help me a lot to “balance” my server :slight_smile:

   "Price": "10",
   "Name": "Stones"

    "Price": "12",
    "Name": "Wood"

   "Price": "36",
   "Name": "Metal Ore"

    "Price": "36",
    "Name": "Sulfur Ore"

    "Price": "14",
    "Name": "Raw Chicken Breast"

    "Price": "16",
    "Name": "Cooked Chicken Breast"

    "Price": "15",
    "Name": "Cloth"

    "Price": "24",
    "Name": "Animal Fat"

    "Price": "25",
    "Name": "Blood"

    "Price": "25",
    "Name": "Leather"

    "Price": "10",
    "Name": "Charcoal"

    "Price": "40",
    "Name": "Metal Fragment"

    "Price": "40",
    "Name": "Sulfur"

    "Price": "700",
    "Name": "Workbench"

    "Price": "380",
    "Name": "Wood Barricade"

   "Price": "70",
    "Name": "Camp Fire"

    "Price": "235",
    "Name": "Sleeping Bag"

    "Price": "375",
    "Name": "Wood Storage Box"

    "Price": "380",
    "Name": "Wooden Door"

    "Price": "625",
    "Name": "Wood Shelter"

    "Price": "75",
    "Name": "Low Grade Fuel"

    "Price": "185",
    "Name": "Stone Hatchet"

    "Price": "1150",
    "Name": "Furnace"

    "Price": "115",
    "Name": "Torch"

    "Price": "620",
    "Name": "Low Quality Metal"

    "Price": "1225",
    "Name": "Spike Wall"

    "Price": "2425",
    "Name": "Large Spike Wall"

    "Price": "1450",
    "Name": "Wood Gate"

    "Price": "4800",
    "Name": "Wood Gateway"

   "Price": "8000",
    "Name": "Metal Door"

    "Price": "265",
    "Name": "Small Stash"

    "Price": "735",
    "Name": "Large Wood Storage"

    "Price": "120",
    "Name": "Gunpowder"

    "Price": "135",
    "Name": "Wood Planks"

    "Price": "40",
    "Name": "Bandage"

    "Price": "415",
    "Name": "9mm Ammo"

    "Price": "700",
    "Name": "556 Ammo"

    "Price": "1300",
    "Name": "Flare"

    "Price": "500",
    "Name": "Hunting Bow"

    "Price": "6250",
    "Name": "9mm Pistol"

    "Price": "7450",
    "Name": "P250"

   "Price": "7450",
    "Name": "Shotgun"

    "Price": "11500",
    "Name": "F1 Grenade"

    "Price": "4975",
    "Name": "Silencer"

    "Price": "3125",
    "Name": "Flashlight Mod"

    "Price": "3125",
    "Name": "Laser Sight"

    "Price": "15550",
    "Name": "M4"

    "Price": "19950",
    "Name": "Bolt Action Rifle"

    "Price": "9325",
    "Name": "MP5A4"

    "Price": "4099",
    "Name": "Revolver"

    "Price": "700",
    "Name": "Shotgun Shells"

Server Name: [FR/EU]LUST FOR RUST [DoorShare/Event/PVP/Sleepers/Pluggin

Ip server: Press F1 Then: net.connect ustx210.playrust.eu : 28015

Forum : http://www.bane-os.net/forum/index.php

Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BaneLFR

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))