[FR/EU] *RIP* Rust In Peace 'Wiped 25/01/2014'

Good day, our new server is finished being configured, with a lot of new features to be enjoyed from a fresh start !

Our server will suit PvP aswell as PvE players, offering great content for everyone.

Here are a few Oxide plugins we are using :

Chat history
Configurable economy
Crafting controller
Theft Keys
Skills and perks
Custom loot tables
And much more …

We aim at creating a nice server community and game experience, whilst offering a slighlty tougher Rust experience to our players.

Come join us and give us your feedback !


Teamspeak 3 : ts.gmod.eu:9999
Forum (FR) : http://rustinpeace.forumactif.org/

Server particularities :

Theft Keys allow you to steal the door keys from your victim when killed at close range (you can open his doors for 120 seconds).

Full market economy and quests to earn $$$

Bounty system to place a bounty on someone or hunt for Most Wanted players

Crafting restrictions (Military-grade weapons and high-end armor are not craftable, only dropped)

Research is adjusted to match crafting restrictions

C4 is craftable but explosives are not, drops are ajusted to keep a balance

Loot tables were adjusted to make some non craftable items drop more and keep balance

More details to come…

Bump, we need more people still, come test our new features !

Bump, features are working good and our community is growing ! Come get your slot and have fun with us !