Listening to a friendly and active community we are regularly thirty players forming several teams, but also lot of beginners. We are responsive and always working to improve our server and its performances.

Today we call rust players to come have fun with us. We regularly organize events such as night airdrops , arenas gunfighting …

Server information :

Hosted in France , 100 slots , Pvp and Sleepers , Airdrops at 10, 50% Craft.

The server has the mod Oxide with several plugins :

Arena : Allows you to TP to the arena once opened .
Base Alarm : You are notified when your base is attacked .
Chat History: A chat history not to lose the discussion.
Door Share : Share your doors with friends
Groups : Create your own group (PVP Off between group members … )
PM DeathMessage , Stats, Rules …

The administration team check every day if there are plugins that can interested players, updates and modifications are performed at night when the server is less busy.

Server rules :

Any xenophobic , racist, defamatory or abusive is prohibited.
Intentional flood is prohibited in the chat.
All Hack, Cheat , Glitch will be punished by a ban.
PVP is allowed, but it is forbidden to block someone inside his base.

For any questions , you can connect to the server: net.connect and ask for an admin (krocebow , SirKlaK ) .
Or join us on TeamSpeak : ts.fatal-union.com:10697

We look forward to your arrival here!