[FR] IRONSTONE Instacraft/Slp/PvP 14.01


I come here for announce you the openning of a new french server.

Connect :


The specificities of the server :

-Building RP (Bank, Hotel, Vente de vêtement et d’armes, Hotel de vente, Restaurant, Prison, Arène.)
-Event (Fight in arena, Hide and seek, Airdrop, …)
-Oxide Mod (Sharing Door, Groups, Basic Economy and others.)

Map of Server :

My Team and me have create the server because some admin abuse, cheats, and no instacraft server, we don’t find a good server.
We have the ambition to reach about fifty player connect fréquent on the server. To be able to take advantage completely of the game and be able to share you of our with Event

Mumble :

Adresse : mumble-1.jsitodedi.com

Password : pcw

Forum :


By hoping to see you on our server ;).