[FR] RUST dans ta CAVE | PvP | NoDecay | DoorShare | NoC4craft | NEWsrv

Welcome to RUST dans ta CAVE French Server
We accept non-FR speaking players (EN pls.) but ping might be high if you’re far away from Paris !

Connection to server :
Open Rust game client and then hit F1. Next, type in the following info :

This is a brand new server with mature and experienced admins. Admins follow strict rules (No Abuse, Admin don’t even give objects to themselves)
Noobs are welcome and Admins try to help as much as possible when available online.

Special Features :
-Buildings don’t decay (this may change in the future)
-Rare Airdrops (According to Pop and may be sent by admins)
-Rust Oxide Mod (latest version)
-Door Sharing
-Private Messaging
-100 Slot (will upgrade as needed)
-C4 drop but is not craft-able

Rules :
-No Hacking
-No Racism
-No Exploiting
-No Harassment (no naked chain kill, no chain raid: please wait a “few” hours before re-raiding)

See you in-game !

Hi Gamers !

Special Event tonight on the server RUST dans ta CAVE
( net.connect )

Noobs welcome!
The purpose of this event is to bring the players together and help newcomers.

What it is ?
Admins we created a large base in the plains areas along the road.
The route is circular, you will fall over :wink:

This huge base is actually a Hotel for ALL players:

  • This is the only non-PvP area on the Server
  • For now the building has 2 floors
  • About 40 hotel rooms are built

-> Meet the players and server admins at this hotel , choose a room, and an Admin will provide you a Metal Door to privatize your room.

Reminder on the server:

**** Full Name:**
[ Rust ] [FR] RUST in your CAVE | PvP | NoDecay | DoorShare | NoC4craft | NEWsrv

**** How to get in ?**
Open the game, click “Play Game” and then press F1 .
Then, type the following information:

**** Features **

  • The Buildings are permanent, no Decay ( this may change in the future)
  • Few airdrops ( According Pop and can be sent by administrators)
  • Rust - Mod (latest version) oxide
  • PvP
  • Sleepers
  • Door- Sharing ( command: / share FriendName )
  • Private Messages
  • 100 slots (will update as needed)
  • C4 drop but not craftable
  • Hotel Room for everyone
  • No FallDamage for the moment (to avoid collective suicide hack)

Rules ** :

  • No Hacking
  • No racism
  • No exploits
  • No harassment (no Naked chain kill, no chain Raid : Please wait “a few” hours before re- raid )

The event starts as soon as the respective admins’ children ate :slight_smile: