Fr3D's Ferrari Enzo (Drivable this time!)

Hello ppl long time no post :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of you may remember the Enzo I posted before, which had 1000 props:(

I have now reduced that number to…

300 :smiley:

I’ll upload dupe soon, maybe video.

What you think?

(Btw my tornado is being resurrected soon as well ^^ , with sweepings wings and very realisitic under carriage:D)

Pretty nice, the wheels are too big, or the car too small though.
Could do with some smoothing too.

I can’t tell whether its small or not but I don’t know much about cars. Overral that is pretty l33t.

wheels are too big, i checked dimensions. But w/e

It’s in-game…
It’s not a 3D model, it’s in-game build.


LOL. Proportions are wayyy off.

looks really small

oh guess im too late





It does look alot smaller than it should, a picture of it next to a buggy normally gives a good indication of proportions.

What I love most though is that you’ve clearly put alot of effort into your prop choice in order to cut the prop count to 1/3rd of the original and yet keep the shape and detail almost unchanged

even if proportion are off, it’s awesome

Yeah work on the proportions but you did a great job transfering the detail from 1000 props to 300

Can you put those pics in MEDIA tags please. Even though I have quick internet, it takes ages for them to all load. Kind of sucks when you want to read posts and it keeps scrolling back up once a pic loads. It must suck for people with crappy internet.

Or people without patience to wait the 10 seconds for the page to load

hey GREAT car i hope it will be a REAL car like on GMOW (coz my gmow wont work)


ah fuck very nice


You know what to do

I agree with Karbine.


Smoothing as in addind/changing the position of props to make it more smooth in the front…