Fr3D's Grumman F-14 Tomcat

Now tornado has a buddy :slight_smile:


more realistic stuff:

-Steerable nose gear
-Engine sounds
-Sweeping wings that sweep better
-Retractable under carriage that retracts better
-Moveable control surfaces (the tail :p)
-It looks good
-Artificial Horizon/HUD thing
-Real cockpit bracings
-Maps for the navigator to navigate with




It IS possible to have two orgasms at the same time

Sweet fucking Jesus Christ. Win.

Apart from some of it not being symmetrical but thats no biggy.

Great job!!!


Does anybody know of a file/video hosting site that works? Mega upload isnt working for the movie either. It’s just a WMV file :S

Youtube is usually pretty good about this… try converting it to an avi?

Looks great! But the wings come very close to the back wings.

Very nice. Only thing I dont like about it is the cockpit glass looks a bit asymetrical from inside.

Top gun!

This is great. How does the missiles and stuff on the bottom work? And how is it controlled?

About the movie: I tried changing the format to .avi but I still cant upload to anyplaces:(

I used windows movie maker, what do you guys usually use?

Actually the missiles were just there for looks:p
everything is controlled by E2.

I have these engine and thruster sounds from actual airplanes as well:( from edbergs server.

I don’t understand the problem. What stops you from uploading it? Is it to big? Is it invalid. Is it the wrong format? Etc etc. It must be giving you some kind of error message.

I use AVI when I upload to youtube.

I use H.264 or w/e it is when I upload to youtube. Its WTFBBQ faster than .Avi.

Also, .AVIs are huge, encode them to something smaller.

All it says is “Error uploading.”



Wat is H.264?

And what movie maker do you use? Can i get H264 from windows movie maker?:frowning:

The problem is not your format. It’s your internet or browser. Send someone the file or put on a usb stick and upload it from somewhere else.

I get the “Error Uploading” thing too, its so annoying because i’ve waited 4 hours for it to upload then it tells me it hasnt.

Do you know nothing about swing-wing planes? They’re supposed do do exactly that to drastically reduce drag.

Ontopic; I came buckets when I saw this. It’s amazing, man.

Ye I know but I looked at a google pic and when they swing back they dont come so close.

I beleive the actual tomcat has various sweep angles, like mine only has 2:p.