Fr3D's New and Improved: Panavai Tornado GR MK 1


Realistic, Variable Geometry Wings (With heading retaining armament pylons!)

Realistic Cockpit

Realistic Fuselage

Realistic, retractable under carriage,

Realistic realism

Realistic everything






Does anybody know of a free video sharing site?
youtube isnt working for me:(

pretty fucking nice one! :smiley: You should add more realism though, also use vimeo :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright ppl im on vimeo now wait a bit vid comin soon

Oh fuck, I remember this. Awesome.

Holy. Shit. You remade something into pure awesomeness. It’s its purest form: Amazing.

Yo sticky n dohner, long time no see :smiley:

is mamba/ foxton/edberg still around?

Does anybody know the right media tags?

Really echoy video but the plane is just amazing splendid job

Nice use of the default phx texture. Any way to make the wings and landing gear more stable or is that part of the realism? Also it looks like it flies with the nose constantly pointing up.

I could probably make them more stable, but right now adv dupe isnt working properly :frowning: so I can’t change it and save it. If I made it more stable it would take too long for the fact that I couldn’t save it anyway.

I flew crappy because I was trying to switch to / from 3 cameras at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

If I remember right I saw this on Gluttony some months ago :smiley: Was probably not the new and improved version though…


Now for the ultimate pilot


It looks like it’s a 100 (gmod mass unit here) plane…

Woop, fukken nice!

I lol’d at the flying, sound effects, flame effects, the air intake and it’s height (of the body)

Air intake and the height are fine though, what’s wrong with them?

There’s a huge gap between the fuselage and the front of the air intake

Don’t listen to him. Hes just jealous

    • oops :stuck_out_tongue:
    • its not that big ^_____^

Anyway, I’m seeing if I can get a whole E2 thing for a plane goin. Next I’ll make an F-14, but the under carriage, sweeping wings, control surfaces, canopy n any other moving parts will all be E2 chips. Since you can get E2 chips to follow each other n stuff. It should work alot better than hydros/welds/ballsockets.