Fractured Space Ship Models (Updated Regularly)

This thread I created to upload an array of ship models from the game Fractured Space. These models are high detailed, and are ‘super’ large. I’m talking about one base ship model, no textures and all that being at around 28M/B size. I will continue to upload each ship regularly containing all the materials, Mesh Assets, and Textures. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, let me know and I’ll get back to them as soon as I can.

The models you wish to download are located below with a preview and to download, click on the associated link.

                                                **Protector C05**

View 3D Model:

**Downloadlink: **!vU12wAbR!aGO9X8ZHS5our39vDXBRUfmNx6Osj3jZ_rIz7CcMTrU

[If all goes well, I’ll upload more. Please give me feedback. File Formats are in static .pskx]

Awesome, I played this game when it was first released on Steam but i haven’t been back on it in a long time. This makes me want to play it again.

Wait, how did you get the model? Umodel? Ninjaripper?


Hello, it’s interesting.

Could you to convert this ship in obj format please ?

Do you have other ships ?

Thanks a lot