Fractured Space ships?

So, right now Fractured Space is free on STEAM and when I tried it out I couldn’t help but notice how awesome-looking all the ships are.
The game runs on Unreal Engine so I suppose it would be easy for someone with previous experience with Umodel/whatever to rip the ships?

In any case, I’d appreciate it alot if someone could get some of the files, preferably the Flagship and/or the Corvette.



Is the game powered by Unreal?

nah, its powered my my engine called: unwirklich engine. I helped with the game.

I literally wrote it in the description.

This runs on UE4, though. Did gildor ever update umodel with UE4 compatibility?

Sorry, must have missed it :v:/

IDK, haven’t really kept track on the latest umodel updates.

Website says that it’s in progress, and the latest update was 5 days ago, so it may work.