Frag Grenade Launcher!
Basically, it’s a mix between the HL2 Rocket Launcher and the Frag Grenade. The Rocket Launcher now launches frag grenades instead of rockets! Look at the picture to see what I mean. Controls: Left click to launch a grenade with high speed, right click to launch lots of grenades with low speed, and reload to do a ULTRA LAGGY MINGEBAG GRENADE SPAM ATTACK!!! (may crash your Gmod) Enjoy! :smiley:

It’s my first SWEP, so probably it’s not very optimized, and if you discover bugs, please tell me! Click on the picture to download it. And if you like it, don’t forget to rate me :smiley:

downloading right now.

Same i’m Downloading at the moment… does it replace your normal Rocket lancher?

No it is just a swep.

Bringing new meaning to rocket propelled grenade.

looks like fun. you got my download:)

Fraggery days.


Bloody Brilliant!

Good idea!

if you didn’t add the silly reload feature it would make the SWEP much better.

Awesome, the reload feature makes it hilarious.


I also did a minge-attack…on my own server though :smiley:

1st =

"Hmm lets see ",18155380/gm_construct0004.jpg/

“Getting started”,81987717/gm_construct0005.jpg/

“Quite a bang but…i can do this better =]”,53460006/gm_construct0006.jpg/

2nd =

“Now real minge-style”,14857895/gm_construct0009.jpg/

“frames = 0-2”,13666891/gm_construct0010.jpg/

“Much better,now that´s real minge-style (straight from da hoodz)”,96684709/gm_construct0012.jpg/

“Still some parts flying around”,11530647/gm_construct0013.jpg/

“Iraqi Oilfields? oO?!”,36931612/gm_construct0017.jpg/

One of the funnest sweps ever.Its also strangely got a good tactical use!What do you do when a billion headcrabs are attacking?ULTRALAGGYMINGENADEATTCK the area!What do you do if a combine soldier is hiding behind a barricade and you cant hit him with normal guns?ULTRALAGGYMINGENADEATTACK the area!See?Tactical uss for this baby are endlesss.Ownage swep man,cant believe its your first.

Why did you bumb this.

Make it a Npc_Weapon?