Frag Radio Scripted Model

hey FP,

i am trying to find out how to Play Frag radio trough a Radio model, so that me and my friend can remove the Command for it, as people use it as a reason to spam the chat,

it has to work in an order like this

  1. you press on it with E(default), a HUD shows up asking 3 options: 1: Adjust volume 2: Stop radio 3. Close

  2. in the adjust volume part you can edit the volume in steps of 10%

  3. the music is Client side, so that the rest of the server doesnt hear it.

4.(optional) the Traitor radio can play Frag Radio to lure people to the normal radio

as you would notice from ^this^ its for a TTT server.

any suggestions how i should work on it with the Lua script?

if the script works i will release it into the workshop with working Custom Model ofc.

Maybe it’s just me, but this post made absolutely no sense. I’m confused entirely on what he’s asking or even what a “Play Frag radio” is.

Frag radio is a Radio for Source games, and i want to try make a script that allows the Radio to play Trough an Pre-placed model

So this is for a TTT server? Seems kinda mundane considering how often the maps change but meh. Good luck.

if the script works and the model is fine, the boss will do the rest of the work

i am trying to get this as a present for him(his Bday is in 3 months)

and such thing is a pain in the ass to do