FRAGGER Tribute Elite Combine Skin

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] FRAGGER Tribute Elite Combine Skin


[tab]Description:[/tab] HL2 Skin for Combine Super Soldier (Elite) Model

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] interest

[tab]Download:[/tab] Below Pictures [/release]

"FRAGGER Tribute" Combine Elite Skin

My newest Skin. Hope yall like it.
For Combine Super Soldier (Elite).

Inspired by the First skin i ever downloaded and used, the “Black Armored Elite Skin” made by FRAGGER.
I Love that skin.
It was THE skin that got me into using skins and it is THE skin that got me interested in skinning.
So i made this skin in tribute to Fragger and the combine elite skin that he made.
Also partly inspired by some AWESOME “FLAMES” Wallpapers made by Jeff Bensch.

Includes both Regular-Res & Hi-Res versions.
Flame Designs are the property of & were created by Jeff Bensch
Original Color Scheme by FRAGGER includes both Regular-Res & Hi-Res and Finger-Posable, Courtesy of Dr. House <-- Click Here to Dwnld @

Links to My other

===== Thanks for Lookin ======


dude your skins rock so hard!!

Fragger? please tell me it’s not the one i know… the annoying one…

Fragger rocks.
Nice skin.

LOL, I honestly don’t know, I don’t know him personally. Could be more than one person with that same nickname. But if the one you are talking about, made a combine skin that are the same colors as this one, then yes it would be him.

See, blue fire makes things epicly awesome.

Loiterer you rule!

Like all your other skins, this is by all accounts flawless. You easily make the best combine skins, hands down.

uberdood15, The golden, -Ben_Wolfe-, kman866 and Jamie L - THANKS Very Much.

Very Glad yall are diggin it. And i will also say Thanks on behalf of Fragger since the color scheme was originally his.

God I fucking love you!

I just stumbled across another screenshot of this skin that i took in DM and i thought it looked pretty cool.
I enjoy makin the advert pics as much as makin the skins so i thought i’d post this.

gonna add this pic to the 1st post also, since some folks may not look past the thread start.

Really nice i gonna download it when is hexed :smiley:

i second that statment.

You sure do like your flames Loiterer, great stuff! :smiley:

HeHe, funny thing is… I have never been into flames. I just saw those wallpapers and thought “Shit, that would look cool on an Elite Helmet”, then from there i just started (and still am) goin kinda crazy on the color variants. Got more in the Flames series to come. But i will move past it eventually. Just in the Flame Zone right now.

The Fragger i’m talking about spams the mic, uses offensive sprays, and is racist, but now i think it isn’t him…

Why do you always say you hope we like it? Of course we will like it. It’s one of your skins :D.

These skins are getting FAR too repetitive. Try using more effort than just recolouring those damn flames and adding text.

This one did turn out awesome though :4chan:

Lol, I’m repplying from my school computer lab. I disagree with this being too repetitive. The different colors and textures make the skin unique, I think. Amazing to me how the skins are based on the same flames but look so different.

Rocks my Cock