Fragile Alliance - Remake?

Ok to start this off its kind of a remake off of a different game and I was wondering if anybody was up for the task. To start it off I would make this myself unfortunetly I do not know lua and I am currently learning some mapping at the moment. The gamemode goes like this. You start off as one of two teams Cops, or crooks. The crooks job is to get into the bank, mall, whatever you may make and make off with as much loot as possible. To do so you stand in designated areas that will fill you will cash until they are empty. Each player will gain their own amount of money that they carry on them and once they’ve got the loot the must get to the escape vehicle. You can however teamkill other members and grab their loot to get a bigger share for yourself. Cops objective is basicly to stop them and retrieve the money. I would go into more detail but its kind of late and I doubt anybody is up to the task but anybody who feels like trying it I think it would turn out for a fun gamemode.

That is a video of the gamemode on Kane and Lynch Dead Men. Thanks for your time :slight_smile: