Frame of Mind

Here is a little machinima/music video i did a month back.
Pretty amateur but i`m pretty new with making machinimas so
dont destroy me please! :]


I give that a 3/5!
Really good concept of the story! Loved the camera angles especially last ones! Wish I could think of camera angles like that

but the things that need tweaking are

  • The Ragdoll acting as sometimes is just too slow and doesnt match the song! Its meant to be fast quick transitions of shots BUT you had the right idea at the end
  • Greenscreening - saw the transparent legs of the pyro! If you’re using keylight on After effects make sure you matte it fully as in all the white covers the pyro! And if you were using the gm_construct white room bad idea because it causes things like that! Use this works like a charm!

But again i loved the concept of the story just need to tweak the presentation of it

Also should you ever want to collab or anything or need any pointers for effects pm me in facepunch and ill give you my steam name!