Frame rate affects hitting speeds [Confirmed]

I made this video due to this post:

*Both footage was taken on the same server in the same time, one after one.
*Both hits are synced, it goes out of sync because the right one is faster.
*I also uploaded a gfycat version to show the real fps (you can’t see above 30fps in youtube)
*the fps software that I used is “Fraps” and because its not a full size videos I cut the frame rate box and added it in the corner above.
*it’s the frame rate, I never changed servers or something like that, to make my frame rate worse I checked every graphic box and raised shadow and draw distance to max
*This problem is similar to this problem, where the engine does all the calculations bases on the FPS:
*I’m not sure if player movement or shooting is also affected by the fps.

I hope any dev will check that out, This is definitely a thing.
If someone ask, yes you get resources faster by this and also attack faster.

My english is not the best.

Take the s out of https.

Gotcha, but, is there any way to put it in the right side? not in the center?

Videos are always in the center and you can’t change that as far as I know.

I usually don’t give a shit about rating but rating an answer dumb? the fuck is wrong with you

Time for an upgrade!

Put a ticket in.

Relax plaster, its stupider to worry this rating system than reddit karma, you know? If someone accidentally clicks the wrong thing, for instance, there is no way to go back and change it (that I’ve found), and is very easy to mis-click or try scrolling on the page with a touchscreen and accidentally hit one of these icons. Save your irrational aggression for in-game rust =P

Holy shit Rust confirmed Pay2Win. Rich kids will have full attack speed.

Well I understand mis-clicking because of touch screens, had to suffer with the default browser for over a year until android got updated, but even then you can just reload the page and rate again.

edit: never mind.